Improvisation, the VUCA business world and coaching

First of all let’s clarify the meaning of the word  improvisation: we improvise when we use our instinct in the moment when we need to do something unexpectedly and quickly.

So when we improvise we use our guts, we do as we are: we do not have time to weigh up options, to be scared of mistakes, to consider consequences. Who we are is our only driver.

We have to take a decision based on the information available, always: there are no deadlines, they are something of the past, they are always out-of-date.

We are not talking about approximation, which is about doing badly and unprofessionally something I know I have to do and I have expertise on.

So in a VUCA business world, volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous, improvisation must be a key business management competency.

The business world is becoming more and more “darwinian”: we need to love change, live the unexpected  and evolve. Therefore we must be able to improvise.

Also, when we improvise we show really who we are by our actions: we show what kind of leader we are, we make it easier for people to connect and to engage with us.

The next question comes naturally: can one improve the ability to improvise ? how can you train improvisation ?

Let’s reconsider the context: an unexpected situation, we need to react quickly, using our instinct, according to who we are.

In other words, we need to let our inner self emerge and take the lead, and we need to be confident about it, accepting the fact that we can make a mistake.

So we need speed, presence, instinct, self-confidence, vulnerability.

All of them can be trained, with a combination of training, coaching, role-play, games etc.

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