How to keep social interaction in a virtual work environment

I share a few simple ideas that have worked in keeping up people morale thanks to social interaction in a virtual work environment:

  • Whatsapp groups to share news, emotions, jokes, issues etc
  • Virtual coffee / lunch breaks / aperitifs using videoconferencig platforms: for instance, Zoom allows unlimited groups to meet on video for up to 40 minutes
  • 1to1 on video to set objectives and evaluate results
  • Virtual team meetings using videoconferencig platforms (project meetings, innovation meetings, creative meetings): there are courses on how to organise and facilitate virtual meetings
  • Temporary abonnements to e-newspapers and e-magazines

For some of you some of the above activities will feel well outside of your comfort zone.

You will see that after the initial natural “embarassment”, people will engage and drive this new approach.

People will appreciate your effort to take care of them as a person and to value their professionalism by trusting them.