Increase customer loyalty

Does your business rely on loyal customers who return again and again and recommend you to others? What is the best way for you to increase your customer’s loyalty?

There is no one solution that fits all which is why we will help you design your unique customer experience, in line with the values of your business and partner with you through implementation to increase your customer loyalty and business results.

Our package is typically composed of 10 days / year on-site coaching activities, with a dedicated coach who will work at all levels of the organization: owners, leaders, frontline employees.

First, we assess the level of engagement of your employees. The engagement of your staff is key to having engaged customers and creating a customer experience that differentiates you from your competition. How much do your employees feel part of the company, how valued they feel, how they judge the leadership skills of their leaders and how satisfied they are all impact directly on the customer experience and therefore on your customer loyalty. The results guide the areas to focus on: an example might be a mix of one on one coaching for key staff and team experiential workshops tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Examples include how to boost Positive Leadership skills, Teamwork, Connection with Customers, Trust, Communication, working across departments.

In parallel the coach will support and challenge you and your leaders to define your common company values and the unique characteristics of the experience you want your customers to live.

Finally the coach will work with your frontline staff to define the best way to translate the theory into reality.

During the project the coach will help you use and develop your own customer satisfaction assessment.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Do you wish that people in your organisation hit targets faster, come up with more creative solutions, were more pro-active in solving problems and pushed harder for their ideas?

Are your markets changing fast so that you need your staff to have mindset of agility and fast decision making based on real data?

We can help you spread creativity and a start-up culture in your organization, identifying gems and fostering them to shine via a fluid Innovation process. Our tried and tested Innovation Sandbox creates an environment in which employees experience a “start-up mentality” and are coached to bring their idea to fruition, in a short time, under pressure.

Learn more about our Innovation Sandbox.

Improve Process Efficiency

Do you need your processes to be leaner, simpler, smarter, faster, cheaper?

As external coaches we bring fresh eyes to your processes and don’t have a history linked to them. In our coaching we challenge you and your way of working with an innovative and demanding approach, to release resources from your key company and business management processes.

Our package is typically composed of 8 days / year on-site coaching activities, with a dedicated coach who will work at all levels of the organization, owners, leaders, frontline employees.

We use the appreciative enquiry approach, as described in the book “Switch” by C. and D. Heath:

  1. Identify what works well in your process (bright spots) with quantitative assessment tools, searching for the steps or areas that are positive and unique.
  2. Work with the team to scale it so that what works is done more often and by more people.
  3. Measure progress with a continuous improvement approach

This approach is very innovative and somehow counter-intuitive, compared to a more conventional “Problem solving / Best practice“ approach, that often leads to analysis paralysis and poor long-term adoption and acceptance (not invented here syndrome).

Please see a quick video where D.Heath explains the bright spots approach:

Smoother Generation Change

Do you want to improve how you plan and handover leadership of your business from one generation to the next?

Or want to create a succession plan that ensures clarity of future roles and business continuity?

We can help you design the tailormade roadmap to transfer the leadership of your business to the next generation, finding the right balance between business and family needs.

Coaching supports each person involved individually as well as in the group of involved people and stakeholders.

A real example of our approach is described in the following blogs


Increase your confidence and skills in working internationally

Is your company export-driven, do you work in an international environment and often find it challenging and much harder than it should be?

Are you keen to increase your presence on international markets and to up your game and that of your team to drive for higher international performance?

Or perhaps you are about to be transferred abroad or start to work in an international environment?

Our expert international coaches can give you vital support, tools and knowledge to increase your skills in achieving your international goals.

Working and managing internationally requires a whole range of new skills as well as the skills and experience you need to manage in a mono-cultural environment.

Our package is typically composed of 6-8 coaching sessions (1.5 – 2 hours in length) spread over 4-5 months. It starts with a session to explore the areas that the client would like to work on and the client sets the objectives that he or she would like to achieve. An initial assessment of the person’s instinctive style when working internationally gives useful feedback and rich insights. Check out Supporting Services to learn more about some of the tools we use.

The coach assists the client in creating a personal development plan to achieve the desired goal as well as the resources and strengths that will enable success and any barriers that might get in the way. Regular coaching sessions support the client through each step until their goal is achieved.

Coaching sessions may be in-person, via web conference (Zoom or Skype) or by phone.