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Why you need Innovative and Agile Leaders in the Supply Chain and how to develop their skills

As of mid-2018, approximately 60 percent of Amazon’s US customers were members of the company’s Prime premium delivery service. Those 95 ...

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Presence, the fuel of Collective Intelligence?

I recently attended a seminar on the coaching competency Presence: the uniqueness of this event was that none of the speakers were coaches ! We ...

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Packaging Innovation from All4Pack Paris

I recently visited the packaging fair All4Pack in Paris. I have summarised in the attached document the ideas I found most interesting. If you need ...

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How to set up coaching support in your company

Many companies have embraced coaching as a way to accelerate the learning and development processes of their employees. The return on the investment ...

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Building a memorable customer experience

Delivering a memorable customer experience is the foundation for customer loyalty. Customers remember what happened during their experience with, ...

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Improvisation, the VUCA business world and coaching

First of all let’s clarify the meaning of the word  improvisation: we improvise when we use our instinct in the moment when we need to do ...

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